Has the Community been involved in planning the preliminary concept?

Following 18 months of working with design experts at Perkins and Will and City staff, the Moody Centre TOD Area Master Planning Group believed a preliminary concept was ready to receive early input from the community. As the initial phase of public engagement on this masterplan, the Moody Centre TOD Area Master Planning Group, with the assistance of Pottinger Bird Community Relations and Perkins and Will, hosted a series of six (6) themed stakeholder discussion groups with representation from local community organizations to:

  • Review, reaffirm or renew the community‚Äôs priorities for the Moody Centre TOD area as identified in the Official Community Plan;
  • Share preliminary ideas, development objectives, and potential challenges and opportunities for this unique area of Port Moody and solicit early input.

The six (6) Stakeholder Discussion Groups were held during the week of September 23rd in the categories of Community Associations; Economic Development, Environmental Interest; Transportation, Circulation and Public Real; Housing; and Non-Profit and Arts Organizations. The findings and ideas from these discussions are available for your review here.

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