Has the Community been involved in planning the preliminary concept?

Following 18 months of working with design experts at Perkins and Will and City staff, the Moody Centre TOD Area Master Planning Group believed a preliminary concept was ready to receive early input from the community.

As the initial phase of seeking community input, the Master Planning Group has conducted:

  1. September 2019: A series of 6 Stakeholder Discussion Groups hearing from representatives of Community Associations; Economic Development, Environmental Interest; Transportation, Circulation and Public Real; Housing; and Non-Profit and Arts Organizations;
  2. October 2019: A stakeholder presentation to the Tri-Cities Chamber of Commerce’s Company of Young Professionals;
  3. October/ November 2019: Two (2) Community Open Houses in October and November of 2019;
  4. December 2019: A series of 3 Roundtable Discussion Groups focused on Public Realm and Arts, Traffic and Circulation, as well as Urban Architecture and Design;
  5. January/ February 2020: Two (2) Community Open Houses in January and February of 2020.

The community engagement process for the masterplan at Moody Centre Station TOD Area has been voluntary to date in an effort to refine the preliminary concept based on community feedback. The Group has yet to submit a formal proposal to the City.  As directed by Council at the January 2020 Committee of the Whole, City Staff and Council will participate in a staff-led workshop on the TOD area.

Following this, the Master Planning Group hope to submit a formal application with the City of Port Moody. 

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