What are the benefits of the Master Plan Concept?

The preliminary masterplan will allow the landowners in the area to deliver on the community’s vision outlined in the OCP including:

  • Flexible outdoor spaces 
  • Creation urban plazas and mini parks
  • Integration of public art 
  • Pedestrian and cyclist links to improve connectivity between existing and planned amenities
  • Encouraging a range of housing options (i.e. ownerships and rental housing)
  • Housing that is accessible, affordable, and intergenerational
  • Encouraging upper floors to be set back from St. Johns Street
  • Providing weather protection and pedestrian scaled amenities to facilitate walking
  • Providing at-grade shops and services creating active edges
  • Encouraging a significant amount of employment related uses
  • Incorporating landmark features as part of larger scale developments
  • Incorporating landscaping to create a softer, green edge to the built environment
  • Consideration of view corridors 
  • Consideration toward commuter parking and visitor parking for Rocky Point Park.

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