Preliminary Concept - Initial Vision

Community Priorities

The current vision for Moody Centre has been the product of over a decade of community consultation. During the development of the OCP many members of the community participated in the City's consultation process to share their thoughts and priorities for the future of Moody Centre. Below provides a snapshot of this input and how it has informed our own masterplan priorities.

What has informed our Vision

What has informed our decision

6 Key Principles for Moody Centre

  1. Encourage all modes of mobility
  2. Create well loved public places
  3. Support health and wellbeing
  4. Support Diversity and Inclusivity
  5. Create meaningful urban form & mixed use
  6. Promote Art and Culture

Your Voices

Source: City of Port Moody, Public Consultation Summary 2017

What has informed our decision
Where we are now

The Preliminary Master Plan envisions approximately 4,135 homes, and 2,000 jobs for the Moody Centre TOD Area. Please note that the massing and forms shown are preliminary and are subject to change. Click the images to view larger version.

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